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By Brenda Kunneman

Rain from On High

[Friday, February 23]

 “When the rain of My Spirit falls upon you, it will reverse desert conditions,and where there has been minimal growth there shall be exponential growth.  Let Me rain upon you, even once again, let Me pour My Spirit upon you from on high.”

Prophetic Scripture:

Until the spirit be poured upon us from on high… (Isaiah 32:15).

There are many things we can all do in the natural realm to better our lives, families, finances, ministry callings, occupations, and more. We need to be faithful and responsible people naturally speaking; however, we can’t put forth our best efforts and think that it is the answer. The verse above in Isaiah was written about Israel in a time when things were lacking, but then when the Spirit rained upon them, fruitlessness became fruitfulness! Their dry places suddenly became a forest!

We need the outpouring of the Spirit to fall upon us afresh. When the anointing of the Holy Spirit rains upon you, everything begins to grow in a supernatural way! Your job begins to succeed, a church of 50 doubles to 100, then 250, then 500, and so on. People you have witnessed to get suddenly saved. Unexpected checks start to show up.

Promotions at work happen. Creative ideas begin to open up to you. Ask the Holy Spirit to pour His rain upon your life. Don’t hinder Him by believing your hard work is your payout. Instead, look to Him and expect His Spirit to pour upon you from on high and watch what begins to bear fruit!


Holy Spirit, rain upon me today! I ask You for a fresh outpouring upon everything in my life that isn’t bearing fruit as it should. Give me a fresh anointing today and let the waste places be turned into a lush forest! I expect exponential growth in the area of  _______________________.  Thank You Jesus! Amen.



Taken from The Daily Prophecy devotional book published by Destiny Image.  For a complete collection of Brenda Kunneman's daily prophecies, click here to order The Daily Prophecy.