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Israel's Prophetic Perspectives

Pastor Hank Kunneman

September 20th 2012 – Israel protected:

The Spirit of God says for even as you are gathered here tonight the hosts of heaven have been gathered with you to carry your sound and your words, to carry your voice into the atmosphere over this region, this city, over America and even to Israel. For the Lord says even in Israel and around the earth there are those who say there are many, Israel, that rise up against you. Many say around the earth that there is no hope for you in God. Who shall stand with Israel? God says from the moment of their birth I have stood with Israel and I will stand once again. For even as they say today is summer and then shall come fall something is about to take place that has been concealed even from the enemy for he knows not what I am about to do concerning My people Israel.

For in the fall months I will confound them. In the fall months I will do something to the enemy that will strike fear in the Middle East. I will do something in the fall months that will cause the earth to stand up and say “Israel you are foolish!” but God says even though they shall be chastised they do not stand alone for My people and I, their Lord and their God stand in the midst of them and surely there shall be a wind and there shall be a fire and there shall be smoke and when this happens, God says, the enemies of darkness shall be judged and Israel shall be protected and the saving strength of My right hand shall come over the nation.

For God says, watch. Today it is summer and then it is fall. Watch what is about to take place and fall this fall. I will stand with My people and let the whole earth know that Israel is the apple of My eye.

December 4, 2011:

The Spirit of God says, My heart cries out to you, Israel. For upon every side the nations seek to devour and seek to destroy; seek to take over. So men have looked to you, Israel, and said the same thing concerning the Christ Yeshua. They have said can anything good come out of Israel? The Spirit of God says not only the enemies that are on every side know that there is something taking place for the activity of angelic forces has caused them to be perplexed and even at this time and this moment there is a spiritual battle waging in the heavenlies and over America; over a wind of change that shall come quickly to Israel. For the Spirit of God says I will not allow the enemies of those who seek to destroy and devour.

So I will stand in the midst of Israel and I will protect them and show My wonder. I will show that I am still the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-Israel! The Spirit of the Lord says when they come and they gather in the sea and the ships of Russia, the ships of Syria and Iran and the ships of the United States and that of Israel gather in the waters and men say that this is the end, but the Spirit of God says no, for I tell you there are moments and events that still must take place and when it looks as thou there will be a face-off I will show My face and cause the enemy to be dis-configured. I will cause the enemy to run and I will cause the enemy to be exposed.

For even as there is a strike, a strike, a strike, the Spirit of God says do not fear for I am backing My people and I am backing the Prime Minister; I am speaking My words as he wrestles through the night hours and through the day. But the Spirit of God says I have him and I have placed him as my bulwark and I will not allow something that is not My will! I will not allow it to transpire; only My will shall be done!

God says listen now for there is even a moment of time in this year that is about to take place, in 2012 the wind will blow across your land and they will say they have not seen the thrust of wind like this. God says there is a wind that is blowing something new. There is a wind that is shifting and a wind that is changing so it shall take place even in Israel for they are entering into a season of wars. A season of rumors of wars but do not be afraid for God says I will take them out one by one and cause Israel to stand. I will cause them before the nations of the earth, even though they will be chastised and scorned and scourged before the nations, I will stand by Israel with what they are about to do that they will stand alone and receive chastisement of this nation. But the Spirit of God says they have My backing and have My hand and My purpose and they shall do it says the Lord.